Handwritten Notes Pricing

Select an Option That Fits Your Needs

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Large Volume

Add digital handwriting to your next large-volume direct mail campaign. Customize your choice of stationery, provide your own layout, or collaborate with our design team to create a look your customers will love. Need help brainstorming your campaign? We'll work with you from inception to delivery. Whatever level of support you desire, we're here to help you show your customers how much they mean to you.

handwritten cards service

Ongoing Campaigns

For ongoing direct mail marketing campaigns, get your entire team involved with a corporate account. Assign multiple authorized users from a variety of locations. Our cloud-based software solution lets you work on your next campaign when it's convenient for your team. You can even set up automated/triggered marketing campaigns that will help increase customer engagement and loyalty for your brand.

handwritten cards service

DIY Point Plans

Do you plan to send just a few notes at a time? If so, DIY point plans could be the best solution. The price of each note includes customized stationery, a handwritten message and envelope, printing, stuffing, sealing, a first-class stamp, and delivery to the post office. With a point-based system, there is no monthly fee and your points last all calendar year. Additional points can be purchased at any time.

Choose a Point Plan

Point plans are best for users who want to take their time to tailor each note themselves. Larger point plans offer a greater saving per note. If you plan to send more than a few notes at a time, contact us for a more efficient approach and custom quote.

Key Customer Plan


Valid for
10 Flat Cards
or 6 Folded Cards


($1 per point)

Perfect for smaller organizations that want to make a big statement, or one-time mailing projects.

Personal Touch Plan


Valid for
30 Flat Cards
or 18 Folded Cards


($0.77 per point)

A great entry-level option for mid-sized programs and loyalty building programs.

Centurion Plan


Valid for
100 Flat Cards
or 60 Folded Cards


($0.67 per point)

A popular option for users looking to send unique notes multiple times across several months. If you’re looking to send follow-up notes after sales calls and client meetings, this could be the plan for you.

Enterprise Plan


Valid for
500 Flat Cards
or 300 Folded Cards


($0.63 per point)

Launching a retail loyalty campaign? Sending appointment reminders for a large medical practice or personal invitations to real estate open houses? For multiple batches of notes throughout the year, the Enterprise Plan offers the best value.

Points expire at the end of the calendar year purchased.

Note: Flat Cards Cost 3 points, Folded Cards 5 points.

Includes a vellum 5" x 7" flat or folded card with your message and logo and a vellum A7 envelope.
We apply a first class postage stamp to each piece to complete that personal touch. Standard production time is 1 business day.

Customers can purchase more notes or upgrade their plan at any time.
Have any questions? See our FAQs or Terms and Conditions for more details.