What Is Digital Handwriting?

Technology That's Evolved Beyond Fonts

Our patented technology captures up to 25 glyphs per character and selects each glyph based on the surrounding letters to mimic the natural variations of handwriting.

A Scalable Solution

Handwriting is costly and time-consuming. Eliminate the hassle of handwritten communications and save time and money with digital handwriting.

digital handwriting service

How to Use Simply Written

There are three ways you can use Simply Written's patented handwriting technology.

Select from one of the options below:

digital handwriting service

Large Volume

If you have a large volume one-time or automated direct mailing, we can do the work for you. We also provide design assistance, list processing, and more to get your handwritten messages printed and delivered.

digital handwriting service

Ongoing Campaigns

If you have multiple stores, locations, or users, you can create brand-compliant notes that will increase customer engagement and loyalty.

digital handwriting service

DIY Point Plans

Point plans are the ideal choice for users who want to take the time to craft each unique note themselves. Select this approach if you plan to send just a few notes at a time.

Relax. We'll Take Care of the Printing and Shipping

Once you're happy with your design, we'll take care of the rest.
Submit your completed handwritten card and Simply Written will:

digital handwriting service
  • Print your note and mailing envelope
  • Insert, seal, and affix a First Class stamp
  • Mail notes to your recipients

Automate Your Messages

digital handwriting service

Send Automated Cards/Notes

Don't limit your handwritten messages to thank-you notes. You can also use digital handwriting for a personal touch in automated direct mail campaigns.


Did you know more consumers will open mail that's personalized? Add a customer's name in the handwriting style of your choice to maximize your direct mail marketing success.

digital handwriting service

Use with VDP campaigns

Variable data printing allows you to customize each of your mailings with handwritten messages tailored specifically for
the recipient.

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