Bulk Handwritten Notes

Save your direct mail campaigns from disappearing into the junk pile. With custom designs from Simply Written, cards excite recipients and strengthen customer relationships. Our expansive library of digital handwriting styles makes it easy to choose the perfect penmanship for your brand. Customize a Simply
Written stationery, provide your own layout, or work with our design team to create vibrant visuals your customers will love.

Ready to Start Your Large Volume Project?

Elevate Your Brand's Next Direct Mail Campaign

High-quality cardstock, vibrant color printing, and unique digital handwriting styles
create memorable mailings that delight customers. Learn why major brands turn to
Simply Written for their most important mailing campaigns including:

bulk handwritten cards
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns
  • Retail Sales and Promotions
  • Major Business Announcements
  • Business Holiday Cards

Streamlined for Efficiency

Have a vision for your large volume direct mail campaign? We’ll help you see it through from inception to delivery. In addition to working with you to tailor your design, we’ll also:

bulk handwritten cards
  • Print your card and mailing envelope.
  • Insert and seal your mailings.
  • Affix a First Class Stamp.
  • Mail your cards through USPS to ensure speedy delivery

Pricing for Custom Campaigns and Large Volume Mailings

Choose the pricing structure that's right for you. Simply Written offers a variety of pricing plans based on a simple point system. For larger volume direct mail campaigns (1000+ pieces), custom card designs, one-off mailings, or automated direct mail campaigns, please contact us for a custom quote. Our design and delivery teams create campaigns for major national brands and are ready to put their experience to work for you.

bulk handwritten cards bulk handwritten cards bulk handwritten cards

Full-Service Support for Large Volume Campaigns

If you want to place a bulk order of 1,000 pieces or more, we offer support at every stage of the ordering process.
We'll help you assemble your campaign from inception to delivery.

bulk handwritten cards

Full-Service Bulk Ordering Includes the Following Start-to-Finish Options:

  • If you're a new client, a Simply Written sales representative will help you get started.
  • We'll brainstorm your project by choosing the appropriate handwriting style for your audience and message. Then we'll help you pick the right color of handwriting, the proper size of the piece, the best envelopes, and more to ensure your campaign is perfect for your needs.
  • We'll also help you select from our wide variety of stationery offerings or design one from scratch to accommodate your chosen handwriting.
  • Don't worry about edits. Rest assured you'll get the opportunity to proof your note to get it just right. If you'd like, we can even create a printed sample and mail it to you for your approval prior to shipping.
  • Do you need each mail piece personalized? Variable data printing lets us customize each one with the recipient's name or another selected value.
  • We'll coordinate the bulk shipment and provide tracking information, so you always know where your mailing is located and when it arrives at its destination.

À la Carte Services

If you don’t want all of the full-service options listed above, you can select
only the ones that best fit your needs. Choose from one of the following.

bulk handwritten cards

Ready to Print

Do you have your own print vendor or in-house print team? We can prep your handwritten messages for a specific output device or printing press and hand it off to you.


We'll generate your handwritten message, then print and mail the final piece to your recipients.

bulk handwritten cards