Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simply Written, and how does it work?

Simply Written is an innovative handwriting technology that allows you to create personalized notes using one of our library of handwritings on customized stationery, which are then printed and mailed on your behalf, direct to your recipient.

We use an exclusive, patented handwriting technology that mimics the variations of handwriting and converts it into a digital format for fast, easy, and visually appealing notes.

What is digital handwriting?

Simply Written’s digital handwriting uses an exclusive technology that replicates the unique characteristics of personal handwriting.

Unlike a regular font, Simply Written’s digital handwriting has several different characters for every letter in your chosen handwriting. Because there are multiple characters available, your chosen digital handwriting maintains the natural variations of real handwriting.

How do I use Simply Written to create and send a personalized note?

You can get started by selecting your stationery template design from our wide selection of customizable stationery.

Then you can type your message or use one of our copy suggestions to get you started, and choose your handwriting and preview it. We'll take care of printing, stamping and mailing your notes directly to your recipient[s].

How do I use the Simply Written stationery?

Simply Written features more than 50 stationery designs, which can be customized with your name, company name and logo. Once you subscribe to our service you can select a stationery or design your own. You can save your customized stationery as a template for future mailing.

How do I write my notes?

Once you’ve purchased your subscription, you can select a stationery and begin to customize your notes, write your message and choose your handwriting. We’ll take care of the rest.

Pricing and Payment

How much does it cost to send a note?

Simply Written pricing is based on the number and type of notes you want to write. 5"x7" flat cards cost 3 points, while 5"x7" folded cards cost 5 points. Simply choose which type of cards best fit your correspondence.

The price of your stationery includes customization, use of the Writing Desk, note and envelope printing, stuffing, sealing, First Class postage*, and mailing your notes to your recipients. Simply type your notes to your clients and customers, and we’ll take care of the rest. Pricing, which is based on quantity, is detailed on the pricing page.

* Domestic Mail Service Only - No International Mail 

What is included in the unit cost?

The price of your stationery includes a First Class stamp, printing of the card and envelope, inserting, sealing, and mailing to your recipient.

Do I have to buy postage?

No, postage is already included in the price. We’ll even put the stamp on your envelope and mail it for you.

What if I have more notes to send than your plans allow?

For larger volumes, or for a one-off marketing mailing, please contact us for a custom quote.

How will I be charged?

Your payment method will be processed when you choose or renew your plan. Your purchased points will remain in your account until the end of the calendar year.

How do I cancel my service?

Please email and we will cancel your account. Your service will cancel at that time. We recommend using all your points before cancelling your account. We are unable to refund any unused points remaining in your account when cancelling.

Can I Manage Multiple Users?

Please contact Customer Care to add a user to your plan, who will share your points for the month.


What is the difference between a digital handwriting and a font?

Unlike a font, our technology replicates the unique characteristics of any handwriting. Your chosen digital handwriting will have several different options for every character so that each word has the natural variations of the chosen  handwriting.

What is a “library” handwriting?

A library handwriting is stock handwriting that we’ve curated from a real person, and it’s ready for your use!

Can I use Simply Written to include signatures on my notes?

Formal signatures currently are not included, but you can always type your name or closing signature in your handwriting.

Handwriting Formatting

How do I change my handwriting?

You can select a different handwriting style by choosing a different one from the drop down menu on the Editing page.

How do I change the size and line spacing of my handwriting?

Click on the "Edit Styling" icon on the Editing page to change the formatting of that handwriting.

You can change the size, the line spacing and/or the word spacing for a handwriting by using the sliders.


How do I customize stationery?

After you select your design, use the customization tools to change the color, add logo and the text of your stationery. After customization, you can save your project for later or add it to your cart to purchase your stationery.

Will my notes be emailed or sent by mail?

We will print, stuff, seal, and stamp your note and envelope, and then mail it directly to your recipient by USPS.  We do not deliver notes via email.

How can I find my remaining note inventory?

You can find your remaining inventory by clicking on Orders / Inventory in your Settings.

What size are the stationery / notes?

Your notes will be printed on a flat or folded, 5” x 7” card and inserted in a matching A7 envelope.

What type of paper does SimplyWritten use?

All stationery is digitally printed on 100# Bright White Mohawk Vellum paper and inserted in a matching 70# envelope.

Are notes sent to me before they are sent to the recipient?

No, they are sent directly to your recipient. Just press “Send,” and we’ll print and mail your notes for you.

What happens if I run out of stationery/points?

You will prompted to order more notes as your allocation runs out.

Writing Notes

How do I write a note?

After purchasing your plan, select a stationery from our library or design your own. Start to customize your note and write your message or use one of our messages already prepared from our template. Then choose a handwriting style from a drop-down menu and edit any of the information. Click “Preview” when you are ready to see your note in your digitized handwriting. When you are finished writing, click “Add to Cart” and follow the checkout process.

How do I preview my note in a handwriting?

Click “Preview” to see how your note will look in your digital handwriting.

How do I view and edit an envelope?

You can view your envelope by clicking on the “Envelope” tab on the Compose page. You can edit your envelope by typing directly on the envelope. Click “Preview” to see how your envelope will look in your digital handwriting.

How do I change my return address?

Type in your new return address into the "Return Address" filed on the Editing page

Do I have to save my notes?

Yes, you need to click the "Save" button before closing your browser window. Your saved note will be stored in your Account for future edits.

How do I send a note?

Add your customized note by clicking "Add to Cart" button and follow the checkout process.

How will I know if my note has been sent successfully?

A success message containing a preview of your note and envelope will appear on your screen to let you know that your note is being sent. If you notice an error on your note or envelope, you can click on “Go Back” to edit the note before sending.

My Notes

How do I save a draft?

Click "Save" button on the Editing page. Your saved stationery will be stored in your Account.

How do I know when my note has been sent?

You can keep track of all of the notes you’ve ordered by clicking on "My Account" from the top navigation, then click the "Order History" tab. 

What does the “!” mean?

The “!” appears when there is a problem or error that needs to be fixed before you send your note.


How do I set my return address?

Click on "My Account" and type in your return address as you'd like it to appear on your envelope. Click "Save Settings" to save your changes.

Printing & Mailing

How quickly will my cards be produced and mailed?

For cards received before noon Eastern Time on a business day, all cards will be sent by the next business day.

When will my cards be delivered?

The cards are mailed via USPS First Class Letter Rate service, so allow 2-4 business days for most deliveries, subject to destination.

Cards may only be mailed to United States postal addresses. 

How are the cards and envelopes printed?

We use the latest digital presses using ink, not toner, to provide that handwritten look. We also use a vellum paper stock that helps create a professional look and feel.

What size are the stationery / notes?

Your notes will be printed on a flat or folded, 5” x 7” card and inserted in a matching A7 envelope.

What type of paper does Simply Written use?

All stationery is digitally printed on 100# Bright White Mohawk Vellum paper and inserted in a matching 70# envelope.

How do I get a sample?

Please contact us here or at and we will send you a sample piece.