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Simply Written digital handwriting

Few communications are as engaging and powerful as the handwritten note. That's why we've developed a specialized way for you to thank your customers for their business.

Simply Written's unique capabilities equip companies large and small with the power to revolutionize their business relationships — one handwritten note at a time. Since 2015, Simply Written has used an innovative, patented handwriting technology to precisely simulate personal handwriting in a digital format for fast, easy, and visually appealing notes in one of our 200+ handwriting styles.

In 2018, we purchased that technology from Handwriting.io, including the patents and the API enabling the use of authentic digital handwriting for print and digital media. Thanks to this advanced technology and evolving print abilities, Simply Written continues to evolve, offering new and exciting capabilities for our growing list of clients.

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Simply Written digital handwriting

Consistency is key to successful marketing but maintaining brand uniformity throughout all your channels can be difficult. BlueSky ETO (Engineered to Order) helps some of the world’s leading brands improve their marketing effectiveness, productivity, and consistency with sophisticated brand management software for marketing professionals.

With BlueSky ETO’s web-based portals and streamlined tools, marketing campaigns reach consumers on various channels while keeping brand integrity intact. BlueSky ETO’s Brand Marketing Centers fully integrate with Simply Written’s technology to combine the personal touch of handwriting with scalable, automated marketing campaigns.

To learn more, visit BlueSkyETO.com.

Simply Written digital handwriting

Handwriting.io strives to bring authentic digital handwriting to your business communications. As consumers and business leaders, the team at Handwriting.io knows the value of a handwritten note and how good it feels to receive one. They’ve transformed that personal touch to our digital world.

Handwriting.io is a patented API that enables the use of authentic digital handwriting across print and digital media in a scalable and affordable way. This technology helps businesses increase sales, enhance brand identity and communicate more effectively with customers, employees, and the media. By putting customers back at the center of communications, businesses like Bloomingdale's use Handwriting.io’s personal messages to achieve 10x engagement response rates.

For more information, visit Handwriting.io.


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Simply Written digital handwriting
  • Luxury Fashion Brands
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Automotive Brands
  • Insurance Providers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Franchised Businesses
  • Travel and Hospitality Brands