About Simply Written

Simply Written is a unique, business-to-business e-commerce website that equips businesses with the power to revolutionize their business relationships – one handwritten note at a time. Created in 2015 through a partnership between BlueSky ETO and Gracious Eloise, Simply Written uses an innovative, patented handwriting technology that precisely replicates your personal handwriting into a digital format for fast, easy, and visually appealing notes in your chosen handwriting.

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About BlueSky ETO

BlueSky ETO

BlueSky ETO (Engineered to Order) offers sophisticated software for marketing professionals. With BlueSky ETO’s web-based portals and streamlined tools, marketing campaigns reach consumers on multiple channels without threatening brand integrity in the process. BlueSky ETO’s Brand Marketing Centers can fully integrate with Simply Written’s technology to combine the personal touch of handwriting with scalable automated marketing campaigns.

To learn more, visit BlueSkyETO.com.

About Gracious Eloise and Handwriting.io

Gracious Eloise


Gracious Eloise is a personalization technology company that is bringing digital handwriting to the masses in a scalable, affordable, and easy way with Handwriting.io. Founded by Eloise Bune and headquartered in New York, NY, Gracious Eloise has been granted two digital handwriting technology patents.

For more information, visit Handwriting.io.